Video is on fire. Pris­matic can help you tar­get non-readers (which is most people).


A web­site should engage me? But, I barely know it. Seri­ously though, you have 4 sec­onds to cap­ture a visitor’s attention.

Web Mar­ket­ing is An Adventure

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The World of Web

The World of Web requires an expe­ri­enced guide, because it leaves those who attempt to jour­ney it alone bruised and broke. In the fol­low­ing sec­tions, Pris­matic will guide guide you through the var­i­ous “lands” that must be explored to achieve your objectives.


A new dimen­sion awaits, in The Web­site Jun­gle you will dis­cover that the ele­ment of design is very influ­en­tial in the World of Web. Since most buy­ing deci­sions are based on the visual pre­sen­ta­tion of a prod­uct or ser­vice, you will need this pow­er­ful ele­ment from pulling in new clients to clos­ing sales. It should be inter­ac­tive, rel­e­vant (kept up to date), easy to nav­i­gate, and a resource that engages visitors.


Videos give your busi­ness a vol­canic pres­ence in the World of Web. Video is inter­ac­tive, per­sonal and gen­er­ates more sales. 90% of all online traf­fic will be video in 2014 and the num­ber of online video con­sumers will dou­ble to 1.5 bil­lion by 2015, with total online video con­sump­tion pre­dicted to quadru­ple as reported by Cisco Systems.


There are a lot of peo­ple who do what you do. Before you set foot in the sphere of The Brand For­est, you will need a clear vision and strate­gic course for con­quer­ing your share of web busi­ness. Pris­matic will guide you through assess­ing, cre­at­ing and imple­ment­ing an effec­tive brand iden­tity (core of your mes­sage) and brand­ing strat­egy (focus­ing on tools and tac­tics) — how you are per­ceived by con­sumers and what makes you unique from your competitors.


Once you have over­come var­i­ous obsta­cles and con­quered the ear­lier stages of your quest, you can reach the most chal­leng­ing, yet reward­ing, phase — gen­er­at­ing traf­fic. With a strong traf­fic gen­er­a­tion strat­egy, you can be guar­an­teed that good for­tune awaits.


Connect-ia presents offers mul­ti­ple entries to a lim­it­less front via social media and con­tent cre­ation. Think of social media as an invis­i­ble plat­form that has the abil­ity to bring your busi­ness from point A to point Z– It is a uni­ver­sal pas­sage where you con­nect with your audi­ence and show your exper­tise in many inter­est­ing and engag­ing ways (blog posts, media shar­ing, etc.) Remem­ber, social media is con­ver­sa­tional and not a direct mar­ket­ing tool.

Pete’s (owner of Pris­matic) web­site for Red Rover is amaz­ing! It looks great and has got­ten many pos­i­tive com­ments. Pete and his crew are so easy to work with and pro­vide fast turn around for my requests. I appre­ci­ate other busi­nesses that pro­vide stel­lar cus­tomer ser­vice and that is the case with Pete and Prismatic! ”

− Heidi Dixner

We could not be hap­pier with the work done by Pris­matic. Pete Pan­taz and his team are highly pro­fes­sional, flex­i­ble to work with and fol­low thru with client requests in a timely man­ner. Through­out the whole process Pete was great at explain­ing ‘web jar­gon’ and the con­cepts to help us visu­al­ize our final prod­uct. The design aspect of our site is amaz­ing and cap­tures exactly what we were look­ing for. We con­tinue to work with Pete as he man­ages our web­site on a monthly basis and it sure makes our lives eas­ier know­ing Pete is tak­ing care of us!”

− Mark A. Caggiano, DDS

Pete Pan­taz gave us many cre­ative ideas. He was very flex­i­ble with pay­ments and believed in our cause. ”

− Mar­i­lyn Robinson